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Hair Extensions




Fusion: Kera-Link is a natural fusion method that is durable and secure. Kera-Link hair extensions are bonded to the hair using a strand-by-strand method. This allows for 360 degree of natural hair movement for it's wearers. This method of installation is perfect for all hairstyles up or down!

Tape-In: This method is a revolutionary system that uses a special adhesive formula that attaches to the hair to make your extensions look absolutely seamless. This method is also perfect for all hairstyles up or down.

Glue-In: Glue-in extensions are a great way to add length and volume to hair but only temporarily as it will only last you until your next wash. This method is perfect for most hairstyles. 



Hand-Tied: Hybrid-Wefts combine the best of both worlds. This application is done by beading the natural hair and then hand-tying the extension weft to your natural hair. Not only is this method the most natural looking but it is the most comfortable and totally customizable.  

**Consults are free. Schedule yours today to discuss pricing and to see which method is right for you.**

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